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Book cover for Inclusive Learning 365: Edtech Strategies for Every Day of the Year. Authors: Christopher Bugaj, Karen Janowski, Mike Marotta, Beth Poss

Designed to be read one day – and page – at a time, this book from four inclusive learning experts offers 365 strategies for implementing technology to design inclusive experiences.

Educators across the world are working to design individualized instruction that empowers every student to become experts at learning. Technology and instructional interventions designed to support students with disabilities often eventually become mainstream and used by the masses. These practices provide a pathway for designing inclusive, equitable and accessible educational experiences that meet the needs of every individual learner.

This engaging book includes daily strategies accompanied by examples of tools that can be implemented immediately to design meaningful instruction. Topics covered include role-playing games for social-emotional learning, building literacy through captioned video, coding to teach early literacy, text-to-speech for math and reading, and much more!

Each daily strategy includes:

• Explanation of how to use the strategy to design inclusive educational experiences.

• Examples of tools that can be used to implement the strategy.

• Alternative ways to use the strategy to extend student learning.

• Images illustrating the strategy or tool.

• Identification of relevant ISTE Standards for Educators and ISTE Standards for Students.

• Related resources.

The heart of the book is the shift in mindset that occurs by exploring a different practical, inclusive strategy each day and infusing these strategies into everyday practice.

Listen to Beth, Karen and Mike (with special appearance by “Chris”) discuss the book as well as dive into the concept of the Inclusive Mindset on LessonPix Live!

Adopting an Inclusive Mindset

(An excerpt from the book introduction)

The first step in designing authentically inclusive educational experiences is believing that it can be done. Adopting an Inclusive Mindset is a necessary prerequisite before one can design educational experiences that can meet all learners’ needs. Educators working to design such experiences do so by embracing and respecting the fact that everyone is unique with different abilities, backgrounds, and preferences. Innovation and progress are accelerated when heterogeneous individuals work together to solve problems. An Inclusive Mindset means that these variances are celebrated as a source of strength not just for each individual, but as a community and society as a whole. 

The principle element in inclusive design is flexibility. Providing options promotes learner agency and intrinsically motivates individuals to actively engage in their own learning. Individually, the strategies outlined in the book can help you immediately provide more options to learners. However, collectively, our greater hope is that by experiencing, practicing, and implementing these strategies this furthers your own professional (and personal) goal toward adopting and spreading an Inclusive Mindset. Using these strategies as a whole can help you, your colleagues, and your entire local education agency further a culture where every learner, regardless of ability, cultural background, or demographic group is valued, respected, and honored equally. 

Think Inclusive with your

COVID-19 Stimulus Funding

Whole District Purchase / Facilitated Book Study

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As you are developing your district Learning Recovery Plan, consider purchasing our book for all the educators in your district using your COVID-19 Stimulus funds [American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOL EMERGENCY RELIEF FUND (ARP ESSER)]. Ensure an effective, inclusive learning environment where all learners succeed. One way to promote this shift in mindset is to purchase our facilitated book study package.

Work with the authors to facilitate a year long book study. Authors will customize a 1x per month virtual session with your staff to make the ideas of inclusive learning stick. This fully customizable plan will be developed collaboratively with your team to meet your district’s unique needs. Through virtual in person sessions (recorded and cataloged for each district) our authors will work to infuse an inclusive mindset across the content areas featured in the book. For more information and to schedule a planning meeting, email the authors at inclusive365book@gmail.com


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