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The Inclusive 365 authors want everyone to practice inclusive strategies in education. As Inclusive Learning Evangelists, we focus on spreading the word about inclusive opportunities to facilitate learner success. This is foundational to our belief system. We love talking with others to raise awareness. This page is dedicated to our appearances on podcasts, webinars, conferences and more! Check out the recordings below.

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AT TIES 2023 – Salem, OR

The four authors of Inclusive Learning 365 speaking in front of a full house during the AT TIES 2023 General Session to kick off an awesome day of learning.
The Inclusive 365 team kicking off an amazing day of learning at AT TIES 2023. Photo by Jodi Szuter

We had a great time sharing and learning alongside everyone at AT TIES 2023. We appreciate all the comments shared by participants:

  • “AMAZING!!! So engaging!”
  • “Loved the focus on inclusion. I left feeling inspired to keep taking the small steps I’m able to in my setting.”
  • “This presentation was so inspirational! I am ready to educate!”
  • “These speakers had a great level of enthusiasm and their passion for their work made it enjoyable and motivating to listen to.”

Education Rx Podcast S02 E01

Check out the promo video for the episode!
S02 E01 - Inclusive Learning 365: Education that does NOT exclude anyone!

Education Rx by Hollye Bronson and Shannon Donnaway
Inclusive Learning 365: Education that does NOT exclude anyoneThis episode is the first in our second season, and sets the stage for a full season focused on inclusion, i.e. student centered learning, i.e. equitable learning, i.e. student driven learning, i.e. universal design for learning. We are going to look at inclusive practices from

The Accessible Learning Experience Podcast by CAST

S02 E07 Inclusive Learning 365

ISTE Learning Unleased podcast

LessonPix Live

Recorder October 2022

Listen to Beth, Karen and Mike (with special appearance by “Chris”) discuss the book as well as dive into the concept of the Inclusive Mindset on LessonPix Live!

Virginia Society for Technology in Education (VSTE)

Recorded 5/13/21

Inclusive Learning 365: Edtech Strategies for Every Day of the Year

Description: Learning need not be a chore for anyone, including those with IEPs or 504s. The session will begin with an examination of what authentic inclusion really is, what it looks like, and how it fosters improved outcomes for everyone involved. From there, explore a range of strategies which engage and empower ALL students to take charge of their own learning. Incorporated into the strategy discussion will be examples of contemporary tools that can be used to support the design of the instructional methodologies. From apps to browser extensions to web tools, participants will not only learn new supports to promote active learning for every student but have an opportunity to share what’s working in their own practices. Areas to be discussed include reading, writing, STEAM, Executive Functioning, Research and Study Skills, Social Emotional Learning, Professional Learning, and Cross-Curricular Supports. Come for the strategies, leave with mindset change!

Talking with Tech Podcast

Strategies to Support Literacy and Inclusivity with Karen Janowski

Released 5/26/21

This week, Chris interviews Karen Janowski! Karen is an inclusive technology and assistive technology specialist who is also co-author of Chris’s new book, Inclusive 365. In the interview, they discuss some of the many ways that we can support literacy for all and make classrooms more accessible to all students (e.g. audio supports, digital texts that can be read aloud, etc). 

Before the interview, Chris shares about a former student he has worked with who is moving to a new situation that does not support robust AAC. Chris discusses why this was such a disappointment, and how this experience motivates him to better support the students that he works with now. Rachel talks about the difficulty of supporting students who don’t make progress and/or have AAC taken away from them.

TextHelp Talks podcast

Released 5/28/21

In this episode we’re joined by 4 educational experts, and friends of Texthelp, who have co-written a fantastic new book about inclusive learning. The book is called Inclusive Learning 365, and is being published by ISTE – the International Society for Technology in Education.  If you work in education this book will become your daily companion, with 365 strategies that you can use to provide the best learning experience. We’re going to take a look at some of these strategies in today’s podcast. 

The authors Chris Bugaj, Karen Janowski, Mike Marotta and Beth Poss come from a variety of backgrounds in education. We’ll meet them all shortly and find out a bit more about them and what drove them to write this book.

Talking with Tech Podcast

Best Built in Accessibility Features on Devices with Mike Marotta

Released 6/2/21

This week’s interview is with Chris’s long-time friend and fellow assistive technology specialist, Mike Marotta. Mike is a specialist in inclusive design, and he joins Chris to discuss how accessibility features for common devices like iPhones, iPads, Chromebooks, and Android phones can be used to meet assistive technology needs. They talk about which features they like the most, adding captions, universal logins for accessibility, how to decide on which tools to offer people, and more!

Before the interview, Chris and Rachel discuss ways that accessibility has been improved in the past year despite the pandemic, including Instagram adding automatic closed captioning for videos. Rachel discusses reaching out to technology companies for help with an accessibility issue, such as when she asked makers of the Word Wizard app to add high contrast.

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